Updates and other news items.

2/11/2006 Added new entry for my friend Mitch Brookhyser's cars under the Friends' Cars section.
2/10/2006 Added a new page to my E12 M535i restoration with pictures of the new BBS wheels the car has now.
10/6/2005 Edited some sections of this website extensively. Did a huge cleanup of the BMW links section and only left the few pertinent ones. Also updated the About Me section, and added some new books to the Books section. Stay tuned for a new section of the website devoted to my E12-specific Motorsport brochures and magazine articles.
9/8/2005 Updated new page to the E12 M535i section, lots to show-off, and I also included the pictures of the 2005 Windy City BMW Vintage Day under the Events section (I posted this a few days ago but I forgot to include it in the updates section here). Also, today, Sept 8th 2005, is my 4th wedding anniversary! Happy anniversary to us!
8/6/2005 Updated new page to the E12 M535i section with the nearly finalized products. The car runs!
7/16/2005 Updated new page to the E12 M535i restoration section documenting my progress. Also there are some new friends cars pages up.
5/15/2005 Added a photo under the About Me section of our little dog Cali.
4/16/2005 Added some photos of the E12 M535i engine rebuild. There has been actual progress!!
4/14/2005 Added some new photos of the M5, which you can see under the About Me section by clicking on the picture of the car.
3/27/2005 Check out the pics of my new car under the About Me section. It's a 1994 BMW M5!
3/20/2005 Another addition to the friends cars page. Check out Jim Davis's stunning 1995 BMW M5, one the finest in the United States!
3/18/2005 There is a new addition to the friends cars page. Go over and check out my buddy Bob Smith's 1954 Jaguar!!
3/5/2005 My Volkswagon Jetta TDI has been sold. I'll be replacing it with a new, swifter daily driver! Pictures of the Jetta sale are in the About Me section.
2/1/2005 Another engine rebuilding update for my M535i.
11/18/2004 Engine rebuilding update for my M535i.
10/10/2004 Engine rebuilding update on my page about my M535i. Lots of pictures of the motor pull and disassembly.
08/21/2004 Updated the writeup about my M535i with a new page, dedicated to the progress as I rebuild the engine in her. Please check back for updates as I take the motor out, get the machine shop to do what I want, and then hopefully put a better motor than I started with back in the car!
08/18/2004 Updated the Vicky saga (my old BMW E12). She was rear-ended in June and the new owner that bought her from me is dealing with jerk insurance companies. There's a picture in the writeup about Vicky under the About Me section.
04/15/2004 Made some updates, moved things around. There is now a direct link on the main menu to my M535i writeup and a new link to "Car Events" showcasing pictures from various BMW-related activities. I had all these images, but there were no html pages created. They were just sitting in directories on the website not linked to the main page. I have some more that I will probably put up.
04/14/2004 New pics from the BMW E60 5-series launch finally posted on my website. They were hidden in a directory, but now they're linked on the main page. Click on the link on the main page to see them.
03/31/2004 New pics from the BMW E9 Coupe get-together I attended while on a business trip in Los Angeles. Click on the link on the main page of the site. Also misc changes to the middle frame on the main page for the Coupe link and to put a picture in from our wine trip in 2003 to click on.
03/01/2004 New pics of my 1980 M535i showing rust I found, new hood I bought, and other stuff. Also made a link off the main page to my friends' car section, which may be expanding a bit.
11/17/2003 New pics of my 1980 M535i with its new wheels, under the About Me section.
9/30/2003 Check out the updated pics of my 1980 M535i, under the About Me section.
6/12/2003 Well, I finally got the update up with the details and pictures of my new BMW M535i fun car.
5/19/2003 Stay tuned for some major changes to this site. I hope I have the time to get them done really soon.
3/25/2003 An extremely long time without an update. Jeez. I've been out of work which has sucked for one thing. But I just got a new job. Not much new going on other than that. Check out my articles in the February and the March issue of Roundel magazine. One is on grille badges and the other on a 750HP E12 5 series. Also, I've uploaded some new pictures of my Jetta's summer wheels and tires in the About Me, Jetta section.
9/19/2002 A new editorial has been added on the Stupidity Tax.
8/20/2002 Finally added pictures of my daily driver, VW Jetta to the About Me section.
8/13/2002 Added a link to a nice E28 535i in the Older Bimmer subsection of the BMW section. Updated the About Me section with the news that I sold my E12 528i. I will continue to provide updates on that car with its new owner Dave Spencer, from firstfives.org. I will update the website in a few weeks after I purchase my new E12.
5/24/2002 Added a link to the books section for another great David Bull Publishing book I bought.
5/16/2002 Finally got around to creating the large section with information and pictures about my own E12 5 series BMW. Go to the About Me section and click on the small picture of it to read more. All the pictures in the writeup can be clicked on to show a larger version.
5/09/2002 Added my huge writeup on our Euro delivery experience to the webpage, under the BMW section. Or just click on the picture of my wife's new 325ci on the main page to go to the writeup.
4/05/2002 Added engine blowup video to Videos section.
3/20/2002 Created a new subheading on BMW general links, older Bimmer links. Added a link to Videos section.
1/9/2002 Happy New Year! To celebrate the new year, I've moved the site to a new server. Higher speed access than yahoo geocities, plus 500 megabytes of storage as opposed to 25 with yahoo. All for the same price. The only update so far is to the books section, but look for more updates, especially E12 BMW additions with photographs and writeups of cars.
11/28/2001 WRC video added to Videos section.
10/15/2001 Powersliding a Supra video added to Videos section. Archived old news.
10/14/2001 Eagle Talon added to For Sale page.
10/25/2001 Nice low mileage M6 on Ebay added to For Sale section.
10/18/2001 Link added to funny section about destroying an engine, with BB's!
10/02/2001 Link added to bottom of videos section with lots of exotic car videos.

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