Old News Items.

09/24/2001 Ugly ass car added to Funny section, bottom.
09/06/2001 Added link to Videos section, Pikes Peak video from 1990.
08/21/2001 Added link to Videos section of crash and drag race videos.
08/13/2001 BMW E12 M535i added to For Sale section.
08/10/2001 Hilarious sound clip added to bottom of Misc Auto section.
08/08/2001 Added a link under the BMW section, Tuners and Retailers for a guy who sells vintage European rally badges for your car's front grill. His selection is amazing.
07/26/2001 Incredible pics from the Euro version of the Cannonball Run posted on the Misc Auto section. Kickass, $$$ cars, and fast driving. Great picture quality. Under the Misc Auto section.
08/31/2000 New pictures on front page, poll removed. I had that stupid poll up for about 3 months and I received about 30 responses. I think the results (if you care) were like 17 "you have a great site", 15 good site, and 2 "your site sucks". Oh well, thanks to those who voted.
08/30/2000 Valentine One install pics in third brake light of a BMW posted to Radar Section. M6 added to For Sale section.
08/25/2000 Audi S6 added to For Sale section. Carfax.com dog driving pickup truck commercial quicktime movie added to Funny section.
08/23/2000 Two new BMW's added to For Sale section.
08/17/2000 SCCA GT2 Acura NSX race car added to For Sale section.
08/15/2000 Ice9, an E36 M3 with heavy mods has been added to the For Sale section.
08/14/2000 Link to pictures of racing BMW M Coupe that was trashed in an SCCA race added to BMW page. Thinking of importing a foreign car into the U.S. that isn't sold here? Check out the link at the bottom of Misc Auto on procedures for DOT, EPA, etc.
08/09/2000 Added a BMW M5 selling on Ebay to the For Sale section.
08/07/2000 Found this through beaterz.com, figured I'd post a link. Hope no one out there drives a Chevy Impala, 2000 or 2001. To find out why, click here.
08/01/2000 New link added to Misc FAQ section discussing horsepower vs. torque.
07/25/2000 Added the rest of the Victor Ford SVT Car Show pictures. They're on the Contour section.
07/24/2000 Cleaned up For Sale section and added two new BMW's that are on Ebay.
07/21/2000 Another link to some Valentine One installation pictures posted to Radar section.
07/20/2000 I added a page that shows pics of some chunking on one of my Bridgestone S02 Pole Position tires. On the Contour section. New page with motor mount pictures added to Contour section. First batch of Victor Ford SVT Car Show pics posted on Contour section. Reworked FAQ page and made a specific brake section, with a few new brake links inside there. New editorial up on left turn signals on traffic lights.
07/17/2000 New page on the E46 M3 added to BMW links.
07/14/2000 Link added to bottom of Radar section on illegally set speed limits. E30 M3 added to For Sale section.
07/13/2000 Added a new link from bmwm5.com to the bottom of the Misc Auto page. Its a great writeup of a romp on Europe's highways in some high speed cars. Also, added a link to Jim Conforti's 1995 M3 which is for sale on the For Sale section. Plymouth Acclaim turbo link added to Misc Auto page. Burned out Ferrari F40 pictures webpage added to Misc Auto page.
07/10/2000 Here's a link to the directory I've been keeping of my friend Jeff's cars. There are some great pics. He is currently the owner of an Audi S4 with UUC exhaust/Auto Authority chip and BBS RK II wheels, Dinan M3 '97 with a supercharger among many other mods, and a lightly modded '87 M6. Click here.
07/06/2000 Hope everyone had a great holiday. Check out the E34 M5 under the For Sale section.
06/30/2000 In the spirit of all things American (since its the 4th of July weekend and all), I posted a link on the Misc Auto page about Ford's 427 Cammer engine. This engine would make current Japanese makes drool when it comes to HP/liter and high RPM's.
06/29/2000 BMW 535is added to For Sale page.
06/26/2000 Idle FAQ for Motronic BMW's of the '80s, posted to FAQ page. Added pictures of the intake plenum painting on my Contour SVT to the Contour page.
06/24/2000 In an effort to conserve disk space, I deleted McLaren MPEG from my site (link is on Misc page) and redirected link to McLaren site. Not as fast of a download, but I needed the 7MEG of space.
06/23/2000 New SVT pics added to Contour section, no, not my SVT. Track video link posted to bottom of Misc Auto page featuring a guy's SWEET British car with an evil power/weight ratio. :) New pics posted to Contour section for Chicago CEG May 7th meet. And a bit of cleanup of Contour pics directories.
06/22/2000 New BMW links are up to GRM's project cars. The newest one is an E30 M3 they just bought a week ago. The other, an E12 BMW 5 series with some serious mods. Oh, and the main page picture has changed if you happened to notice. Even though every car guy on the web may have seen it already, I posted a link to the Speed Racer car being auctioned on Ebay on the For Sale section. Bidding is up to $120K now. HEY! And check out beaterz.com, he updated the site finally! Added link to Car and Driver article referencing laser court case. Its on the Radar section, in the description of Craig Peterson's email saying why this case against laser was overturned. Brake pad poll on misc FAQ section, courtesy of Mike Whitney. E30 M3 added to For Sale page.
06/21/2000 Another addition to the Radar section, this time I added my thoughts after changing some of the programmable features in my V1. Two BMW's added to the For Sale page.
06/20/2000 Added link to Automobile Magazine's review (written by Craig Peterson) of leading radar detectors. The Valentine One again shows why it is number 1 in the radar detector industry. Also another link was added to the Radar section to a guy's Porsche webpage, detailing his V1 install procedure.
06/19/2000 New link added to For Sale page, supercharged Mustang Cobra on Ebay.
06/16/2000 New BMW Motorsport link for Speedvision.com's website posted to BMW section. Also added new link to BMW M5 section that has pics of the Spartanburg delivery program.
06/15/2000 Cleaned up the For Sale section, some old links on there from Ebay that had expired.
06/14/2000 Have we got some updates for you! First off, you may probably already know this, but this Saturday, June 17th is Speedvision's 24hour coverage of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. If you don't have speedvision, well, then I feel bad for you. The link to Speedvision's calendar of events is   here. Another thing you might want to check out is the new link to a McLaren website that has been added to the end of the links on the Misc section. Check it. AND, you absolutely have to download the video on the Misc Auto section. Its the last one (the Mclaren website was the last link, now this is the last). It is really cool. Also, its taking up 7 MEGS of my webpage diskspace so it won't be a permanent addition to the website, so download it soon!
06/12/2000 Do you have yahoo messenger? Check the "contact" section to see if I'm online, and if so, send me a message! (yeah, I know its not much of an update...shrug).
06/08/2000 New BMW's added to For Sale section.
06/02/2000 New car added to For Sale section, an Audi Coupe Quattro. Added Frey Racing website link to Misc Page and removed Ford SVT Experience link from Misc Page.
06/01/2000 New link to a performance shop in Mountain View, CA posted to Misc. Auto section. Added new pics of some automotive fluids I use in my car to the About Me section and a picture of the Blackstone Labs oil analysis kit next to the Blackstone Labs link in the FAQ section. Ugly HUGELY riced Civic added to Funny section. Added some brake schematic images to the foliatec caliper painting FAQ.
05/30/2000 The Foliatec brake caliper paint FAQ is finally up. Look for the link on the FAQ page.
05/29/2000 Added two BMW's to the For Sale list.
05/23/2000 Sorry kiddies, I have had zero free time this week to surf the web and find more links. I did however do the ultimate riceboy mod and paint my brake calipers last weekend. I will be posting the pictures and tidbits as soon as I get my stuff together. It was an experience. (my hands are still raw from trying to scrub all the paint and grease off...uggh). Oh, and I finished reading the "How to Beat the Cops" book today. Some good tidbits, but definitely a short book. However, at $13 with shipping from Amazon, its priced realistically. I'd still recommend it.
05/19/2000 BlackStone Labs is now offering a discount on their oil analysis service if you mention that you were referred by automotiveinfopage.com. Get the link to their site from the FAQ page.
05/17/2000 Just discovered Zymol a few weeks ago so I added a link to their website on Car Care. They have a huge, very well designed website....worth some time checking out.
05/16/2000 Ugly riced out Hyundai on funny section.
05/15/2000 New book added to book section.
05/12/2000 New page created detailing my Valentine One radar detector setup in my car. Check out the Radar section. Good pics (if I say so myself!)
05/11/2000 New link placed on funny section the riceboy parking ticket. Another oil FAQ posted to FAQ list. Chicago CEG May 7th pictures posted on Contour section.
05/10/2000 New BMW FAQ posted, actually a collection of FAQ's. Added new link on FAQ list for automotive oil analysis.
05/09/2000 Two new BMW's on for sale page, link to Car and Driver One Lap pictures on Misc. Page. Another BMW M5 engine rebuild writeup posted to BMW page. Reorganized BMW link page...it was getting big and ugly.
05/08/2000 Cryogenically treating brake rotors link posted to Misc Page. A new FAQ posted for BMW M5's (E28). Also a link to another M5 website on the BMW page.
05/06/2000 BMW M6 posted to For Sale list.
05/05/2000 New FAQ posted on painting your garage floor.
05/02/2000 New oil FAQ up, concerning change intervals. E30 M3 for sale on Ebay added to For Sale page. Added new link to funny page. Physics of racing added to last section (misc) of FAQ page. New editorial up.
04/30/2000 Well, it looks like my new domain is registered. It actually redirects so that's good. Please update your bookmarks as this site is now registered as....drum roll (big booming voice).."AUTOMOTIVEINFOPAGE.COM". Wow, pretty slick, huh?
04/28/2000 Additions made to the radar page, of particular note, an email from Craig Peterson about police and the use of laser. A writeup on airbags posted to Misc page. Added new links to BMW link page for Rob Levinson's BMW M5's.
04/27/2000 New BMW FAQ posted for E28 5 series. There's also a new editorial up. Two new BMW's on For Sale page.
04/26/2000 Lots of changes, cleaned up FAQ page to make it easier to read, same for For Sale page. Added new section with books and cleaned up this page and made a section for older site updates. Look for a new editorial soon. Oh yeah, finally got my site added to the BMW webring so the links at the bottom of the main page should work now.
04/24/2000 Added new links to FAQ page from Grassroots Motorsports Magazine. Added link to FAQ page for car care howto's.
04/20/2000 Added new link to FAQ page for engine oil filter study. Also fixed link to Northstarmotorsports.com's tire temp FAQ (since they changed their site now and you can't set bookmarks...grr). I hope I don't get sued for copying their FAQ to my page. I still left all the trademarks and give them full credit for owning it. sigh...
04/19/2000 New car link on For Sale page. Added Simpsons SUV parody mp3 to funny page and a link to the Poseur SUV page. Also added link to funny email about Jaguars to Funny Page. BMW page has an added image, too.
04/18/2000 New link to traffic-ticket.com on Radar Page.
04/14/2000 Added M2002 link to BMW page and a Porsche auction on Ebay to the For Sale page. Made some other changes today, new counter for better stats (courtesy of geocities Plus membership, $5 a month) and added a poll to fill out. More to come.
04/13/2000 New Editorials Page is up! Read the first one. More rants, I mean editorials, to come so stay tuned, kiddies.
04/12/2000 Added link to some drag racing videos with a Ferrari 355 getting beaten. In the Funny Page. Added the ultimate site to the BMW page, right at the top.
04/11/2000 The results are in! The caption contest for the fat piped riceboy Honda is finished! Click HERE   to view the comments! They're pretty good. In addition, you may notice on the main page I'm trying to get my page added to the BMW webring. Hopefully they'll accept me. Added new page for Car Care.
04/10/2000 Cleaned up For Sale page, and added link for a poor BMW M6 which didn't deserve to end its life the way it did.
04/06/2000 Added link on Contour Page for Chicago CEG chapter.
04/06/2000 Revised Misc Auto page and created separate radar page. Added email excerpts from CEG mailing list about radar. Added a few more BMW links to the BMW Page.
04/05/2000 Added link to Misc Auto for Ford SVT events this summer.
04/04/2000 New link on FAQ page for tire/rim size and speedo calibration. Added to the For Sale page. Mystic Accord link to Funny Page.
04/03/2000 Added link to Craig Peterson of radartest.com's email excerpts. Check out the Misc. Auto FAQ, and the link is in the description about radartest.com. VERY informative.
03/31/2000 Added link to radar detection info page on Misc. Auto section. Added radar detector/scanner legality page to FAQ section.
03/30/2000 Changed some colors around on the webpage. Ferrari test driver video added to Funny Page. New FAQ on supercharging the E46 M3 under the FAQ section. Added link to BMW wallpaper page to BMW section.
03/29/2000 Added an interesting Ebay BMW auction to the "For Sale" list, forgot to put the oil FAQ I found on the FAQ list so that's added, and added a link to uucmotorwerks on the Audi section as they now have an exhaust for the S4 and a shortshifter. Great review of the Audi S3 on Audiworld...look for the link in the Audi section, too! Added brake fluid temp list to FAQ's. Added drivingevents.com to Misc. link page. Be sure to check out the new video section on riceboypage.com (link is in the funny section). The Supra Turbo video is great.
03/27/2000 Added link to Nissan Sentra SE-R webpage. Added link for Dinan Supercharged M3 for sale on Ebay. Three new FAQ's, and a new link on the BMW link page.
03/24/2000 OooOOoo!! A caption contest for the retarded Big Tip riceboy civic pictured on the Funny Page. If I think of something worthy I'll enter. Here's the link: CLICK

And you absolutely have to download this MP3...sung to the Tupac song that was taken from the Bruce Hornsby and the Range 80's song....it'll make you sick. Click Here
03/24/2000 I've been toying with this idea in my head forever to whip up a page and get some of the links that I send to my friends posted for other people. Hopefully this site will get some traffic. I believe I have most of the info that I wanted to get posted on the site now. The auctions on Ebay under the For Sale section only are going for a few more days so I'll keep an eye on them. And any other sites I happen to come across during my surfing, I'll be sure to post. Send me an email if you happen to surf in and let me know what you think or if any of this content has helped you at all. Enjoy the site!