1988 BMW M5

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Specs and Info

  • VIN: 2791248
  • Build Date: March 1987
  • Mileage: 60k (July 2005)
  • Year: 1988
  • Color: Black (086)
  • Interior: Natur Leather
  • Production: 1 of 1370 vehicles imported to North America

Performance Modifications:

  • Dinan chip
  • Dinan control arm bushings
  • Dinan performance cam sprocket

Vehicle Summary

Blake's writeup:

I first experienced the e28 M5 at the 2002 United States Grand Prix in Indianapolis, where I got a chance to ride in a slightly modified example owned by one of the guys who met us during our yearly pilgrimage to Indy. Prior to then, I really wasn't that familiar with vintage M5s or anything else from the e28 series. After that first fateful ride however, I was immediately hooked. The rugged, almost evil look of the black e28 with the shadowline trim and aggressive stance combined with the sheer power of the car (with 5 guys on board!) was nothing short of impressive.

When it came time to finally consider adding a third play car, the e28 M5 was at the top of my list. The problem was finding one with low enough miles and in the condition that I wanted. Most of the cars listed for sale had anywhere from 100k to even 250k miles, which while some may consider this a true testament to the robustness of the S38 powerplant, I wanted something a little more pristine.

The car was originally purchased from P&W Motors in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. The first two owners lived in the Pittsburg area until the third owner bought it in 1995 and moved it to Northeast Indiana. All three owners used the car as an extra weekend vehicle so it was faithfully stored in the winters, away from the harsh climates of Indiana and Pennsylvania.

I purchased the car July 9, 2005 with a mere 60,000 miles on the odometer after finding the car on eBay. I was hesitant to bid on anything without seeing it in person first so I was relieved when it did not meet reserve. As soon as the auction ended, I contacted the seller to arrange to see it the following week. It was exactly the car I was looking for: low miles, outstanding condition, complete service records, and owned by a BMW enthusiast.

Going forward, I'm sure I'll end up with a long list of modifications, especially if Adam continues to help me spend money. The first step will most likely be tinted windows and new wheels, followed by new suspension, brakes, and a short-shift kit. Eventually, I plan to retrofit some of the components specific to the European version of the e28 M5, including a set of black powder-coated Euro bumpers, Euro front valance, and Euro 7" headlights.