Oct 1st through 3rd 2003 wine country trip

Pictures and info page one
      Molly and I went out to northern California for a wedding the weekend of the 4th of October in San Francisco. As long as we were going out there, given our passion for wine, we decided to make a separate trip a few days earlier to wine country. I used to live in San Jose in '98/'99 so we had been to Napa a few times before. But it had always been for the day and we needed to drive back to San Jose the same day. This time we elected to devote three days to wine country and stay there overnight.
      We arrived in San Francisco around noon on Wednesday, Oct 1st. It did not take us long to get to Sonoma, and then to our first winery visit. As we had been to Napa several times, we decided to devote two days to Sonoma, and meet up with some friends who live in the bay area on Friday in Napa. Most of the wineries we visited during our time in Sonoma and Napa were planned ahead on a list we had with their hours and many maps of wine country. We didn't have appointments for any of our visits, which in the case of a few wineries led to complications. We stayed in Santa Rosa the entire time we were in wine country. Our stops on Wednesday Oct 1st were in the following order. The winery names are links to their websites, if they have one.

      I would not visit Ravenswood again. Their wines were not bad, but the treatment by the rude guy at the counter didn't add anything positive to our experience. We were treated royally at Sebastiani, Blackstone, and Buena Vista. I didn't care for the BV wines, but it was still a beautiful place to visit. Ledson was very busy when we were there, but I wouldn't say were treated as royally as at the other wineries. Not to say we were treated badly at all though.


Buena Vista

Buena Vista historical plaque

Buena Vista tasting building



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