My friends' cars

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Jeff Rosen
Bay Area, CA

Friend in the Nothern California region from when I lived there. Jeff and his wife Deanna have met Molly and I for some wine tasting events in Napa and Sonoma.

Jeff Herrmann
Chicago, IL

Jeff is a close personal friend without whose valuable assistance and time commitments I would never have accomplished so much with my E12 M535i. He is involved in the BMW club as a driving event instructor and racer.

Peter Pratter

BMW friend through the internet, has provided invaluable assistance in my research of my M535i. Check out his turbo M535i!

Doug Vadnais

Doug is another BMW friend through the internet. I helped him in his quest to buy an Alpina E24 B7 Turbo, and the pictures and writeup on the car are here.

Bob Smith
Chicago area

Bob is a friend I met at a previous employer and we've stayed in touch through our car enthusiasm (and we're both Purdue alums). Molly and I also go do dinner with Bob and his wife Krissy as we all share an enthusiasm for fine dining and fine wine.

Jim Davis
Dallas area

Jim is a good friend that I met online probably 5 years ago through the firstfives E12 list. Molly and I have met Jim and his wife Sandy in person when they came to Chicago. Jim and I have a common appreciation of rare BMW's and rare tequilas.

Blake Bowen
Chicago area

Blake is a close personal friend here in Chicago. My wife and I met Blake and his wife soon after moving to Chicago and Blake and I are always talking about cars, particularly BMW!

Ron Perry
LA area

Ron and I met through the E28 BMW 5-series list and formed a good friendship over email. Ron and I were able to meet when my wife and I visited with him and his wife in Los Angeles in 2005. Ron showed me his stunning euro E28 M5, winner of multiple concours awards. And I got a fun ride in it, too!

Mitch Brookhyser
Huntington Beach, CA

Mitch and I met through the E12 list (firstfives) and became fast friends through our shared enthusiasm for rare E12's. Mitch is also one of the most knowledgeable people in the US about older Alpina cars, particular turbos (the other one is Frank Haas). Mitch is an Alpina fiend as you'll see from his other cars.