Good Books

Just an FYI, I own all the books that are listed. I wouldn't list them on my page if they weren't great and worthy of your attention. Amazon has the best prices on them anyway, so I'm not trying to get you ripped off. Also, in some cases, I've actually written reviews of the books listed and they are posted on Amazon's page. If you decide to buy these books, then maybe I'll make a nickel. Thanks for your interest!!
cover This is a fantastic book on BMW M and aftermarket turnkey cars produced over the years. Mostly concerned with Alpina cars, this was the book I read cover to cover and learned the BMW chassis designations (i.e. E30 3 series, etc) so that I could converse intelligently with other Bimmer nuts.
cover Great book that goes through the history of BMW M cars up until the E36. I love it because an entire chapter is devoted to a (white) E12 M535i.
cover One of the greatest and most beautiful cars ever created, the Ferrari 250GTO. And from what I've read, this is the definitive source on these cars and chronicles each and every chassis in the series. Hard to come by but worth adding to your collection.
cover Good book chronicling the BMW 5-series. My former '81 528i is pictured on some of the pages of this book.
cover For any auto enthusiast, this book is essential. You will not truly comprehend what went into the McLaren F1 until you read this book. I treasure the copy my wife bought me for Christmas.
cover This book was recommended to me by my friend and driving instructor at my first driving school, Jeff Herrmann, and also by another instructor at the event, Kern Fisher, formerly of CGI Motorsports. Just take a look at the reviews of this book by car magazines and other buyers. Phenominal book on high performance driving techniques.
cover I read the writeup in the May or June, I can't remember, Car and Driver issue about this guy who wrote this book. He sounds like a self made millionaire, which is pretty cool. I had to order it, especially since it has alot to do with the info I post to this site (the info concerning radar detectors, the NMA, speeding, etc).
cover I received this book as a gift, and what a great gift it is. This book is as thick as a bible, with TONS of color photographs, schematics, commentary on drivers, and an introduction by Hans Stuck and Derek Bell. Expensive, but worth every penny.
cover After receiving the great IMSA GTP book from David Bull Publishing, I saw that they had an Andretti biography. The standard hardcover is a very nice book, but I opted for one of the rare, publisher's editions of the book with added photos and hand autographed by Mario, the author, and the publisher. Mine is #282 of 750 made.