BMW General Links. My own writeup about my wife and I taking delivery of her 2002 BMW 325ci in Europe. The website I spend the most time on learning about and helping others with their BMW E12 5-series cars. An excellent website for registering your M-cars. Both of mine are listed on here. A good website for all body styles of M5, the message boards are the most useful. I am active on this mailing list since purchasing my E34 M5 in March of 2005. I purchased my Cibie H1 and H4 headlights from this site for my E12. Gunther is very helpful. A guy who sells real, vintage car rally badges for European cars. His website and collection are amazing. If you have a vintage European Porsche, Benz, or BMW you should really check and see if the car has a history of rallys. You might find a badge to display proudly on your car's front grill!