About Me

Bio: I was born in Georgia and lived there until I was 7, then my mom and I moved to Wilmington, DE where I grew up. I went to Brandywine High School and graduated in 1994. Following that, I went to Purdue University and graduated in May 1998 with a Computer Science degree. My first job was with Cisco Systems in San Jose California. I only lived there for a year, and now my wife and I live in Chicago and have a great house. Aside from crap traffic and cold winters, life here is good. I think we'll be staying a while.

I am also a current part-time student at the University of Chicago's Graduate School of Business working on an MBA degree. Depending on courseload, I should graduate in 2007.

In other news, my wife and I are expecting our first child in February of 2006. We have found out that he is a boy and we are excited to welcome the latest Wilson and become parents.

House pictures
Residence: Chicago, IL
Age: 29
Interests My beautiful wife and our dog Cali. Then the rest of these, not necessarily in any order: cars, sports, movies, beer, wine, fixing up our house, lifting weights/working out.
Music I like
Iron Maiden
Ronnie James Dio
Our dog Cali We love our little dog Cali. She's a fox terrier mix and is extremely smart. She loves to fetch tennis balls but hates to do her other tricks, like rolling over and playing dead.

Current 1994 BMW M5 Euro
(daily driver car)
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SOLD 2002 VW Jetta TDI 5speed
(daily driver car)
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The Jetta is sold, March 2005!

(click picture for more photos of saying good-bye to my Jetta)
Current fun car: 1980 BMW M535i
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Old Car: SOLD
1981 BMW 528i 5 speed
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Old Car:
1998.5 Ford Contour SVT E1
Magazine Subscriptions
Car and Driver
The Roundel (BMWCCA)
NMA (I am the Illinois State Activist)
Favorite Racecar Drivers
Former Formula One Fan!!
The drivers listed below used to be on my list of favorites, but through no fault of their own, I am no longer a fan. I quit cold turkey from watching F1 following the horrid 2005 Formula One race in Indianapolis. I was defrauded of my hotel costs, time, and enthusiasm (as thousands of other fans were) by FIA and Michelin. Michelin refunded my ticket money, but FIA's bullshit failure to compromise and adherance to 'politics as usual' ruined the race for me. Unfortunately, it also turned me against a sport that I very much loved. Too bad for F1. Have fun in 2006 with your costs spiraling out of control, 2.4 liter V8 nonsense, soon-to-be spec tires, and nannying over racecar development by FIA. I would sooner watch rubber duckies race around the water in my bathtub. Or NASCAR, which could possibly be worse.

Juan Montoya
Mercedes-McLaren F1 team

Mika Hakkinen
former driver for Mercedes/McLaren F1 team

I also like Bill Auberlen who is active in the BMW CCA and other forms of road racing.